I started with black miniatures (Medium
Size !) and still breed the same line. My foundation bitch was Ch Clementine of Montfleuri. Later I
also started with apricot miniatures. I have bred and owned European Winners and World Winner,
but my breeding has always been limited due to my professional duties as a vet.
I am one of the founders of the Finnish Poodle Club founded in 1962, and have been the chairman
of the club and still am the vice chairman . My main interest is breeding, and I have been the
chairman of the breeding committee of the Finnish Poodle Club for many years.
When I started my ideal was the breeder judges in England in the 1960;s, they had a deep
knowledge of the breed and there was much You could learn from them.
In 1968 I became a poodle judge myself and I have judged poodles ever sincein many countries and
far away places like Australia, Siberia, USA and Israel.
Looking back I have to realize that poodles have played a big part in my life.
Henrik Hannelius


Of Hannelhill Xsara winning group 9